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Reiki Treatment

Time to Heal

Kim Crane, Intuitive, Healer, Teacher, and Speaker

Kim is dedicated to deep, permanent, transformational healing, and peak performance. She is a practiced intuitive healer and spiritual teacher.  She uses her natural intuitive abilities to tune into clients in order to bring through information and guidance that is used to shape each session. Whether you are seeking healing on any level or are interested in reaching your full potential physically and spiritually, Kim can assist you along your path.  Contact her today to get started!

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How Kim Works

 Kim uses her intuitive abilities to provide clients with intuitive reading and healing sessions. By tapping into your energy field and listening to the messages your body and spirit are sending, she is able to guide you towards your highest expression in this life. Whether you are seeking to clear emotional blocks, release patterns of pain and illness, physical discomfort, or simply discover more about your soul's purpose, Kim is here to support you on your journey towards healing and transformation.


"When I came to see Kim I thought I was looking for a new massage therapist. What I found was infinitely so much more. Over the past six months Kim has helped me bring more light, love and awareness into my life.  She possesses an uncanny ability to bring forth distinctly unique personal references and mental associations within her sessions. Things I only spoke, thought or journaled about to myself. I truly feel this is testament to her grand intuitive skill set and her ability to implement her gift is powerful. Within her space I feel safe, seen and most importantly loved. Time spent with her has led to further growth, Healing, acceptance and a better understanding on allowing life to unfold before me." 

Nick M, Wounded Warrior Project

Kim's Story

I have been on a mission my entire life to know the full extent of what is possible here on this planet, in these bodies, at this moment in our human evolution. Read more about my journey and mission below





Adrienne H, IN

"Kim is an enigmatic person and a gifted healer. She has helped me physically and spiritually and I am so grateful for her. Her approach is gentle, but it resonates deeply."

Jocilyn W, IN

"Kim entered my journey of healing and growth in 2021.  Her genuinely skilled approach to healing has helped me find more honesty and love for myself.  I am grateful to have her in my life as a healer, mirror, teacher, and so much more."

-Welcome Offer -

Get $25 Off Your First Online Booking!

Use Code Intro25

Crane Healing currently located within
Touchstone Wellness


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